renovated Stationspostgebouw

office building with Sirio luminaires in Interalu SAPP ceilings

Architect: KCAP
Contractor: Besix
Ceiling: Interalu SAPP
Electrical installer: Unica

Project PostNL (The Stationspostgebouw in The Hague)

In collaboration with Interalu Netherlands, we were able to work on the beautiful PostNL project in The Hague. We were able to supply fixtures for this project that fit perfectly between the SAPP ceiling. Various dimming techniques have also been used, including daylight dimming and emergency lighting, these additions are also nicely concealed between the slats.

We have been able to supply lighting for various locations in the beautiful building, including the various open-plan offices, meeting rooms, hallways and the cafeteria.

The renovated Stationspostgebouw is the first national monument in the Netherlands to be certified with the highest attainable energy label A and has been redesigned according to WELL and BREEAM standards.



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atomis postnl px
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