Project: Police Office Burgwallen
Location: Amsterdam
Architect: De Twee Snoeken
Advisor: Gerard Nijmeijer, Valstar Simonis Amsterdam
Completed: 2016


For the accommodation of the new “Robust Base Team” the Police has purchased a building on the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal in Amsterdam. The property is part of a complex of shops, homes, offices and parking. This complex was built in 1996 designed by architect Ben van Berkel (UN Studio). Part of the building was torn down in 2000. De Twee Snoeken architects won the contract for the total renovation and design adapted to “Het Nieuwe Werken”. The renovation of the building included the renovation of the entire interior. The result was a completely new layout with a Police Service Point, arrested stays, changing rooms, a building management desk and office space. Climate ceiling in the building was provided by the Belgian Interalu NV. The chosen ceilings here were SAPP climate ceiling with the integration of especially developed Atomis Fusion recessed SAPP luminaires..